STOWE SUN FEB 10th 2008

On only a few hrs of sleep prior to djing @ RedSquare the night before, and several other events before that including one crazy week of work in Vegas. "ugghhhh" A_Dog and I began our trek to Stowe,VT to spin some beats for the halfpipe jam. The day started out beautiful @ 5:30 a.m. Warm,sunny. What else could you ask for right? Well living in VT things change rather quickly. As you can see in the pics when I get out of the car I'm all smiles look'n pretty warm and relaxed but another 500 ft up the hill it's a different story. Reality sets in. It's still winter. I heard some one say in the background that we are the postal service for Dj'n. Rain,snow,or sleet baby. We'll be there.
Four hrs later, one broken tone arm and an hr wait in traffic due to bad weather we finally make it to the Shed for a little afternoon pat on tha back. Ahhhhh... The day is done
p.s The shed is usually only about 5 mins away. All of you people that can't drive in the snow should really just stay @ home.
For the whole winter ;)

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