The SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show, January 29-February 1, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center delivers the largest, most concentrated and authentic trade event in the snow sports industry. The four day show in Las Vegas launches the styles, technology, innovation, culture and energy of winter sports presented by close to 1000 brands. Nearly 20,000 industry professionals meet to engage in business, networking opportunities, parties and seminars to feel the true essence of snow sports. Experience the intense passion and culture of the industry while celebrating the family business of snow. The SIA.08 SnowSports Trade Show. One Family. One House.

What can I say but Damn I am glad to be back home. SIA is intense. It's pretty much full on hard core work w/ full on hard core partying . Work,drink,drink,work,work,work, alright drink some more, oh yeah.... Gamble,drink. Anything but sleep. How did we get anything done?
Lotus Entertainment in tha house, ZJ,A_Dog,DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill,MFM,Frank- 151,Burton SnowBoards,Stepchild,SkullCandy,Blotto, Analog,Snowboard Mag,All my peoples etc etc.....
For more pics of SIA and a more in depth article of the mayhem check out days 1 and 2 @ snowboard mag. Click on these links

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