NEW DJ RUSSELL MIX "The work out mix"

This mix is hot off tha press. It's so fresh it hasn't even been sound checked yet. It could sound horrible or it could be the best thing you've ever heard "I don't even care"
Tha ish doesn't even have a cover yet that's how new it is. Instead you get some pic of me hung over and outtta shape. This mix is called X HER SIZE ie: Exercise. It's a work out mix that I made for my man Jessie that teaches spinning classes @ On Track. I'm not talking about DJ classes either. It's so fresh he hasn't even got a copy yet. "Sorry Jessie, I'll be down later w tha disc" I gotta sound check it 1st. lol
This is an edited MASH-UP mix so feel free to play it @ any establishment.
Thanks for DOWNLOADing!

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