Rave for Darfur w DJ Russell Sat Nov 7th

Tickets: $15 in advanced and $18 the day of the show

All proceeds will go to the Burlington based non-profit organization, The New Sudan Education Initiative (NESEI). It was founded by former Sudanese refugee Atem Deng and St. Michael's College professor, Robert Lair. they focus on improving access to secondary education, business training and gender equity development. Their education programs are aimed at young women in South Sudan. Sudan has the lowest access to primary education in the world, with only 5% of all high school aged children going to secondary school. The illiteracy among women is about 93% and less than 2% of girls attend high school. NESEI has a program called the Girls Rising Campaign, which provides a quality high school education, applied agricultural experience, and basic sanitation and first aid training; they are also prepared for future jobs and public speaking.

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